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Blast Joints


Blast Joints are used to protect the tubing string from the abrasive action of flowing gas or fluids when positioned across perforations. Blast Joints may also be used directly below the well head to the tubing string from the abrasion of doing a hydraulic fracturing operation down the annulus. Blast Joints are made from high quality steel treated to between 28 & 36 Rc hardness to insure maximum abrasion resistance and strength. For H2S service, the Blast Joint is available in a heat treated hardness of 18 & 22 Rc as per Nace specification MR-01-75. Other materials are available if required. Full tubing ID is maintained through the bore of the Blast Joint. The OD measures the same as a standard coupling. Standard Blast Joints have an API EUE thread connection. Custom thread can be ordered.