Stock Items in 2 3/8', 2 7/8", 3 1/2" Regular & Special Clearance J55 & L80

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Regular Pup Joints

Perforated Pup Joints

Slotted Pup Joints

API Pup Joints come in a variety of lengths, sizes and materials. Pup joints are used in many scenarios for strategical spacing out packers, blast joints, profiles, and Rupture Discs® PSN’s, fishing and tubing strings.       


Perforated - Slotted Pup Joints are various lengths of tubing with predetermined machined holes or slots situated at either 45° or 90° apart along the length of the tubing. Perforated - Slotted Pup Joints are usually installed near or at the bottom of the completion tubing string. When installed between two profile nipples, downhole recording devices such as temperature and pressure gauges can be installed in the lower profile nipple to acquire flowing pressure and temperature measurements.

In other well completion proposes the Perforated / Slotted Pup Joints provide unrestricted flow of fluid & gas.